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Involving people, keeping families together, and encouraging young people to be active.

We are Hope Disability Support, we have a goal to offer the highest quality support and service within the industry. Hope is the underlying principle of everything we do. We promote Hope by forming genuine and meaningful connections.

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how we help

Hope Disability Support provides support to all youths, Young people, and adults regarding anything regarding, care, support, accommodation, and independent living issues. Contact Hope Disability Support for all your NDIS support services.

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Your disability is something that occurs naturally. People with disabilities are those who, for whatever reason, have limitations in their ability to do things, such as walk and talk, as you do. People with disabilities can do the things you used to do. They are just like you and can be friends and learn about disabilities.

we help disabilities

Disabilities are a part of life. We all have them in one way or another. Be it mental, physical, or a combination of both. There are many types of disabilities. Some disabilities only affect one person while others affect a large group of people. There is no one solution for each person as they have different needs, abilities, and social needs. The helping People with Disabilities team would love to help with fundraising, volunteering, or becoming a mentee.

we support disabilities

Hope Disability Support is an individual, careers, families, and young people with a REAL approach; focusing on Relationships, Engagement, Alternatives, and Life Skills. Disability Support helps people with disabilities and their families by creating connections. We are flexible in meeting individuals' requirements through our 4 key services.

Hope-disability services

We support people with disabilities and their families and carers by providing support services such as home, outreach, placement, and engagement.

Hope Disability Support is 'R.E.A.L'

HOPE Disability Support Services uses its ‘R.E.A.L approach, which is paired with Hope’s Hope Disability Support Adapted Integrated Framework to ensure that issues that are causing concern are addressed in a way that the individuals feel empowered and that the strategies used can be implemented and, most importantly, long-lasting in a continuous capacity.

The methodology is based on years of ‘on the floor’ experiences and an understanding of the different demands: socio-economic elements, cultural aspects physical, emotional, and relational factors that have to be taken into consideration to come up with strategies that are not only efficient but also sustainable.

R.E.A.L of Hope Disability

The ways to work of Hope Disability Support

The relationships are developed among Hope Disability Support Staff and the YP or Client/s by sharing goals and regular communication. Relations are built by fostering positive relationships among family members through taking note of the strengths of each person within the family, the place of placement, and the positive contribution they make.
Hope Disability Support Staff engage with YPs and clients in their own homes or the environment (with the model of outreach) and take part in routines and activities to understand the challenges or areas that are a source of stress as well as provide guidance and assistance. The support is tailored to meet your individual needs. There is 24/7 assistance accessible.
In the meantime, as Hope Disability Support Staff continue to support clients and guidance, they look at alternative options to employ as strategies for coping during times of stress, making use of situations to facilitate learning and teaching. Hope Disability Support Staff role demonstrates appropriate behaviors and considers proactive plans to avoid reactive reactions.
Life skills are covered in a variety of areas, such as resilience, health, education, and networking in the community. It could be anything from going to classes on cooking, cleaning, parenting techniques, and even the way to create a budget for your household. Hope Disability Support Staff focuses on the aspects that are relevant to the TSP, also known as the Tailored Assistance Plan.

our facilities

Hope Disability Support Services is flexible in meeting the requirements of individuals through our Four key services; Home Support, Outreach Support, Placement Support, and Engagement and Engagement.


Home Support Service

Hope Disability Support Staff engage with YPs and clients in their own homes or the environment (with the model of outreach) and take part in routines and activities to understand the challenges or areas that are a source of stress as well as provide guidance and assistance. The support is tailored to meet your individual needs. There is 24/7 assistance accessible.

Outreach Support Service

Hope Disability Support Staff work with children who often escape or are removed from their homes. Hope Disability Support Outreach Staff visit the child and meet with them to ensure that basic needs like medical and food as well as general wellbeing are met. Hope Disability Support Staff can connect these individuals to any needed networks like Centrelink and Doctors, as well as counseling and work experience, and transport them when it is necessary to important appointments (Youth Justice, job-seeking medical, etc. ).

Assistance with home placement

Hope Disability Support Services is a licensed care provider with numerous Residential Placements throughout Australia. Our skilled and experienced staff also assist in conjunction with Foster, Kinship, and other Residential settings, and Semi-to Independent Living facilities. As with Home Support, Hope Disability Support Staff assist in the homes of the residents and take a holistic approach to deal with concerns or areas of stress that hinder the setting from creating a positive atmosphere for all those that are.

Engagement Support Service

Hope Disability Support Staff role in the role of a role model, and actively assist people to help them engage in current or new assignments or programs. Hope Disability Support Staff focuses on developing resilience, enhancing skills, and connecting people with the right and sustainable support networks.

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We support to all youths, Young people and adults regarding anything, care , support, accommodation and independent living issues.


Outreach involves the ongoing engagement of the family in the support process. The family is encouraged to participate in the planning and implementation of their support plan, which can be implemented in various settings, including independent living, supported living, or an assisted living facility. Every person’s support plan is unique and should be individually tailored to their situation. By involving the family, Hope Disability Support enables them to take a more active role in supporting their loved ones with a disability to achieve their goals. We also provide a range of resources to assist families and loved ones to better understand the disability support system, the process of applying for support, and the available supports their loved one may be eligible for.
Home Placement involves arranging for a person with a disability to live in a home of their choice. This may be with a family member, friend, or in a residential setting such as a retirement or nursing home. When a person is living in an independent or assisted living setting, the hope Disability Support worker will work with the loved one to choose an appropriate home setting where the person can remain safe and comfortable.
Engagement involves a person with a disability gaining an understanding of their support needs and working with their support worker to develop a plan to meet those needs. During this time, the person may be provided with information about their health and their disability, including any associated medical conditions, medications, and possible assistance their plan may include. Engagement can occur in a variety of settings, including at an individual’s home, a community center, or a supported living facility.
Home Assistance is an option available to people with disability who are living in residential care. The person and their family can choose to receive a portion of their home care funding to cover the costs of home assistance. This option allows the family to reduce their home care costs and increases the independence of their loved ones. Home Assistance can be provided in several ways, including through a home care plan that utilizes a home care assistant to assist as required. Alternatively, home assistance can be provided through a dynamic care management system, in which the staff manager coordinates assistance in managing the person’s daily needs.
At Hope Disability Support, we understand that one’s disability support plan is unique to their needs, and we will work with you to create a plan that meets those needs. Many people who are applying for the NDIS are not yet aware of the variety of supports available to them, and we can help them to understand their options. With our extensive outreach work and engagement, we can get to know the people we support and are thus able to provide them with the appropriate support and information to help them live a more independent, safe, and comfortable life.
We provide Support for all disabilities including Autism, ADHD, Acquired Brain Injury, Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depressive Disorders, Eating Disorder, Epilepsy, Hearing Loss, Intellectual Disabilities, Severe and Complex Disabilities, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Hope Disability Support offers support for a wide range of disabilities. With more than 100 years of experience under our belt, we are experts in the field of disability support. We understand the needs of people with disabilities better than anyone else. We know what they need to succeed and what they need to make their lives more comfortable. We have the skills, knowledge, and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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