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Hope Disability Support

Hope Disability Support Services was created at the end of 2012 by three persons who saw a need to offer services that focus on early intervention as well as outreach work.

Based on decades of experience in the Community Services and Child Protection Sector, Hope Disability Support has expanded the scope of its offerings to encompass NDIS Supports and Residential Care in 2018.

Hope Disability Support is now a Charitable Organization that continues to help young People, Families, and NDIS Participants throughout Australia.

What we do

We collaborate with the client's family and friends to determine goals and formulate plans to meet these goals. These customized support plans are implemented with the help of families of clients, advocates, and other health care professionals. We offer flexible and practical assistance to help our clients achieve their goals.

we care disabilities

Your disability is something that occurs naturally. People with disabilities are those who, for whatever reason, have limitations in their ability to do things, such as walk and talk, as you do. People with disabilities can do the things you used to do. They are just like you and can be friends and learn about disabilities.

we help disabilities

Disabilities are a part of life. We all have them in one way or another. Be it mental, physical, or a combination of both. There are many types of disabilities. Some disabilities only affect one person while others affect a large group of people. There is no one solution for each person as they have different needs, abilities, and social needs. The helping People with Disabilities team would love to help with fundraising, volunteering, or becoming a mentee.

we support disabilities

Hope Disability Support is an individual, careers, families, and young people with a REAL approach; focusing on Relationships, Engagement, Alternatives, and Life Skills. Disability Support helps people with disabilities and their families by creating connections. We are flexible in meeting individuals' requirements through our 4 key services.

Hope-disability services

We support people with disabilities and their families and carers by providing support services such as home, outreach, placement, and engagement.

our Support

Hope Disability Support provides support to all young people and adults with everything related to support, care, accommodation, and independent living issues. Call Hope Disability Support for all your support with the NDIS.

Clients say

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We support to all youths, Young people and adults regarding anything, care , support, accommodation and independent living issues.


Yes, we have a long time support service under NIDS service. The NDIS is a long-term program that is designed to provide people with disabilities long-term support. This can include residential care, assistive technology, housing services, job support, and more.
The NDIS rollout has provided many people with disabilities and their families with much-needed support and resources. The NDIS is designed to be comprehensive in nature, meaning that it covers all aspects of life for people with disabilities. This comprehensive nature of the NDIS comes with great benefits for people with disabilities and their families. The main advantage of the NDIS is that it sets aside financial barriers that have often prevented people with disabilities from accessing services in the past. Over the long term, it is expected that the NDIS will bring about big changes in the way the disability sector works, by removing the financial and administrative barriers that have long prevented people with disabilities from accessing support.
Yes, we provide wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, ramps, and assistive technology. We can also provide supports to help you be more independent, such as home modifications and assistive technology. We have experience in providing support for people with disabilities and injuries. We can help you find the right equipment for your needs.
Yes, we have experts in each field of service we provide. Our team works with the client and family members to identify goals and formulate a plan to meet these goals. Our approach is practical and results-based. At Hope Disability Support, we provide a holistic approach to helping people with disabilities achieve their goals. Our team of consultants is trained to support people with disabilities, including people with intellectual disabilities, autism, developmental delays, and issues related to injury or illness. We also provide support for people with medical conditions, such as chronic conditions, injuries, and conditions that cause limitations in activities of daily living.
Yes, we provide a wide range of support including Case Management, Case Planning, Individual Support, Community Support, Financial Management, Legal Support, and Transition to Independent Living support.
Yes, our service is available all over Australia. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Newcastle. Hope Disability Support service is available 24/7. We also have agents who are available to help you.

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