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Disabled people face numerous challenges in finding housing. Inadequate accessibility, lack of available units and high costs are some of the main challenges that disabled people face when searching for accommodation. It is not only a problem for disabled people looking to find an apartment or house; it also affects their family members who wish to live nearby.
The housing needs of disabled people are often ignored by developers and landlords who do not think about how their properties will be accessible to those with a disability before renting them out. Fortunately, there are services available that can help these individuals secure long-term accommodations at an affordable price. We have compiled a list of the top disability support providers in Sydney, Australia that can assist you in finding appropriate accommodations.

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Hope disability services

We support people with disabilities and their families and carers by providing support services such as home, outreach, placement, and engagement.

Short Term Accommodation (Respire Care)

Respite Care is a home care agency that provides respite services for people with a disability. Respite is when a family member, friend, or professional caregiver cares for someone with a disability during a temporary period of rest, recovery, or “down-time” from another caregiver. Respite provides assistance to individuals with disabilities who require assistance with daily tasks while they are at home. Services offered by Respire Care include household assistance, light household maintenance, and help with medical appointments.
hope-disability-service Short Term Accommodation (Respire Care)
hope-disability-service Specialized Disability Accommodations

Specialized Disability Accommodations

Specialized disability accommodation services, such as those run by the RSP, offer all the necessary tools to help individuals with a disability make their homes more accessible. These companies allow disabled people to consider their needs when designing a new home. These companies also have the ability to negotiate with landlords and manage results so that disabled people have the best chance of finding the right home. If you are looking to make your home more accessible for a disabled loved one, you will find that these companies can help you find the right solutions for your situation.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

A person who has been diagnosed with a physical or intellectual disability is referred to as a “person with a disability” or “divide.” The person may also be referred to as “an individual with a disability.” A person without a disability is referred to as a non-divided. A person without a disability may be a person who has a diagnosed disability (such as a person with an intellectual disability or a person with a physical disability), or a person who is not diagnosed with a disability but experiences challenges associated with a disability (such as being illiterate or having low education). In Australia, people with disabilities are entitled to a range of government-funded support services. The Auscommunity website has a comprehensive list of disability support services in Australia. You can also contact the Australian Disability Support Association (AusDSA) or any of the many disability support providers listed in our article.
hope-disability-service Supported Independent Living (SIL)
hope-disability-service Domestic Assistant

Home Maintenance

Many disabled people find it difficult to manage the upkeep of their houses. With the right support, disabled people can complete home maintenance tasks more easily. These services can also be used to inform landlords about the accessibility of the property. Many service providers offer house maintenance services for a fee. They can help disabled people make their homes more accessible by offering accessible toilets, shower chairs, hand washing devices, and other equipment.

NDIS Gardeners

Disabled people often have difficulty caring for themselves and their gardens can become neglected. Some service providers offer gardening services for a fee. Disabled people can hire a gardener on an hourly basis, or on a regular weekly basis, to ensure that the gardens are cared for. These services can also be used to inform landlords about the accessibility of a property.
hope-disability-service NDIS Gardeners
NDIS Cleaner

NDIS Cleaner

At some point in time, most households are faced with a massive clean-up. This can be difficult for people with disabilities who often have difficulty managing their daily responsibilities. Some service providers offer in-home cleaning services at a fixed price. The cleaner can be hired to clean the home (or rooms) on a regular basis, thus ensuring that the home is kept clean and tidy. These services are also useful for informing landlords about the accessibility of a property.

Home modification

Home modification services help disabled people to make their homes more accessible. This can be done by installing grab rails in the bathroom, installing low rail stair rails and handrails to lower the height of the stairs, or changing the layout of a room so that it has an accessible toilet, sink, and shower. These services can be used to inform landlords about the accessibility of an apartment or house.

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Housing service questions

Disabled individuals often face inaccessible and expensive options when looking for long-term housing options. Most landlords and property managers tend to disregard the needs of people with disability and include too many variables when making decisions about a unit’s accessibility to people with disability. Some disability support providers focus on providing short-term accommodation like properties that are accessible to disabled people or can accommodate people with a disability. This can include accessible units such as accessible houses and apartments, accessible car parking spaces, accessible public transport options, etc. Many disability support providers also provide short-term care services like respite care, short-term in-home care, or short-term care packages.
Disabled people are often required to self-cater, but the frail nature of their health conditions can sometimes cause them to struggle when preparing meals. As a result, disabled people often require specialized dietary services to ensure that they get the right amount of calories and nutrients from the food that they eat. Some specialized disability support providers offer food preparation services such as meal preparation and grocery delivery services. Others offer activities like daily companionship and housekeeping services. Some disability support providers also offer assistive technology services such as home computer and device support, or home appliance repairs. Disabled people often have to deal with various health issues that can cause severe pain. Home health care is a type of highly specialized disability support that helps people with severe health conditions regain their health and stay at home rather than in a hospital or nursing home. Home health care services range from providing medication to managing a person’s health conditions, providing personal care services, and monitoring a person’s wellbeing. Some home health care services will travel with a person as they move from place to place.
Disabled people often require assistance with daily activities like getting dressed, cooking, and washing. Some disability support providers offer laundry services, meal preparation services, and housekeeping services. Others offer daily companionship services such as helping a person with daily tasks like grocery shopping, arranging transportation, etc. Some providers also offer home maintenance services such as home maintenance and repairs, home renovations, home security services, etc. Disabled people often need assistive devices such as a home computer, wheelchair, walking aid, hearing aid, or another assistive device to help them have a more independent lifestyle. Some disability support providers provide assistive devices such as home computers, wheelchairs, walking aid, or other assistive devices.
Yes, we have an emergency housing service to help and support disabled people who are facing a housing crisis. We can help you to find suitable emergency accommodation and help you to get back on track quickly. If you are facing a housing crisis, we can assist you to find temporary or interim housing. We can also help you with finding long-term accommodation. We can provide you with advice on finding suitable accommodation options, helps you to search on online accommodation portals, and we can also provide you with free access to our service to help and support you with your housing search. We can also help you with accessing government housing and program accommodation options, and we also arrange and facilitate home inspections to assess the suitability of the property you are renting.
Disabled people often require assistance with daily tasks around their home such as cleaning, home maintenance, and repairs. Some disability support providers offer home maintenance services such as home maintenance and repairs, home renovations, home security services, etc. Some providers also provide home remodeling services such as home design, home renovation, home redecoration, etc.
Some disability support providers offer gardening services such as gardening for fruits and vegetables, lawn mowing and trimming, or flower and tree planting. Some providers also offer horticulture services such as plant and tree maintenance, fruit and nut-bearing, orchids, and greenhouse services such as indoor and outdoor plant and tree maintenance.
Some disability support providers offer home cleaning services such as cleaning the whole house, cleaning the bathroom, or cleaning the kitchen. Others provide home maintenance services such as home maintenance and repairs, home renovations, home security services, etc.
Yes, we provide home modification for all disabled people. We have highly qualified home modification specialists who can help you to modify your properties to make them more accessible. If your home does not have any accessible entrances and exits, we can provide you with the home modifications to make them accessible. Home modifications can be provided in the form of ramps, lifts, special furniture, bathroom fittings, etc. Home modifications are also useful if you have a disability that affects your daily activities, such as mobility issues, reduced strength and balance, and vision problems. People with reduced mobility may find it hard to clean and maintain their homes, while people with impaired vision may experience problems while cooking and using the bathroom. With home modifications, these issues can be addressed and these individuals can live independently.

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