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Many adolescents with disabilities leave high school unable to get a job. This can be further complicated if their disability prevents them from working in a traditional workplace. The key to breaking this cycle is finding an employer who understands that having a person with a disability does not mean they will no longer employ people or operate within a business sector. We understand that many students leave high-school unable to get employment and often end up in low-paying jobs. This leaves many of them unemployable for the rest of their lives unless they pursue postgraduate studies or other opportunities after graduation. We also know that there are so many qualified individuals with disabilities who would make excellent employees but are not taken into consideration due to outdated stereotypes and negative perceptions they might have received from past employers, colleagues and family members.

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We support people with disabilities and their families and carers by providing support services such as home, outreach, placement, and engagement.

School Leaver Employment Services

One of the first steps in finding a job is to assess your skills and find out where you are applying for work. This includes assessing what you have learned in school and testing your skills. You can do this with an online assessment, taking a course at college, or getting a mentor to help you with this. We can also help you with resume writing and cover letters to help you get your skills and experience to employers. We can also help you manage your time to get more hours while you are in school and on break.
School leaver employment supports are available through the NDIS. A school leaver employment service can help you navigate the NDIS and find a job. These supports will help you plan, budget, and apply for benefits to assist with the costs of disability employment.
If you are a school leaver with a disability or a young person with a disability who has recently left school, you may be able to get disability employment. You may be able to get a job in a disability-friendly business where the employer is disability-friendly and would be willing to hire you. You can also look for work in a traditional job.
We can help you with finding a job while you are in high school, on break, or after you graduate. We can also help you find a job after you are in the workforce. We can help you manage your time, find a job that is right for you, and build a job history. We can help you get benefits and benefits awareness to get you on track with your NDIS plan. We can also get you access to employers who are willing to hire people with disabilities.
We have a list of approved providers in your state. We can help you find a provider in your area. If you are in high school we can help you find a school leaver provider. If you are in college we can help you find a college leaver provider. If you are in your 20s we can help you find a working leaver provider.
School leaver employment supports include finding a job and managing your time. If you are a high school leaver with a disability we can help you with: -finding a job -getting a job description -managing your time -finding a disability-friendly employer -getting benefits -getting job experience -getting a career path -getting a job reference -getting a job reference -getting work experience -getting a reference -finding a mentor or coach -finding a part-time job -finding a summer job -finding a work experience -finding a work reference -finding a work reference -finding a work reference for college -finding a work reference for university -managing your time in a work environment -getting a work reference for college -getting a work reference for university -getting a work reference for university -managing time in your work environment.
You can apply for a Newstart Allowance Start-up allowance while you are looking for work. You can also apply for Youth Allowance while you are looking for work. You can apply for a Disability Support Pension while you are looking for work and receiving income support.
High school leaver jobs are full-time jobs that are 9 months or longer. These can be in a workplace, school, or independent business. You must be working to get the benefits and employment. You can work part-time while you are in high school or on break. You must be 18 years old to work full-time or 16 years and 6 months if you have finished high school. You must also have completed Year 12 or equivalent and be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

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School Leaver Employment FAQ

As people with disabilities become more visible in society, employers are being held accountable for hiring people who can be successful on their teams. This can lead to companies providing more accommodations and positions to those with disabilities, which can lead to an increase in wages. Sometimes, these accommodations can also lead to an increase in job satisfaction. For example, someone who has a hearing impairment may find they are better able to focus if they are given additional time to complete tasks, such as making phone calls or listening to recorded voice messages. These and other adjustments can result in more equitable hiring practices and better outcomes for people with disabilities and their employers. School leavers with disabilities may face additional barriers when seeking employment, including training and/or certification requirements, lack of employer awareness about hiring people with disabilities, and a lack of accessible job postings.
SLES works like this: -You partner with a service like Hope Disability Support. Your partner agency provides you with the information you need to find a job. -You attend job fairs, career days, and other events to meet employers and learn more about career options. -You apply for jobs online and in-person with employers. -Once you have a job, you attend your agency’s job coaching program to learn how to successfully perform your job functions. Your experience allows you to teach these skills to other students with disabilities. -Once you are done with your job, you are paired with an agency that can help you find a job again. You repeat this process until you find a good job.
High school leavers with disabilities interested in joining the SLP should fill out the application form at The application should be submitted to an SLP partner agency.
The School Leaver Program (SLP) is a community-based program that helps job-ready high school students with disabilities find employment. It helps students navigate the job search process by providing them with expert assistance, support, and access to services that help them find jobs in a variety of industries. The program includes a free online course, access to our job coaching program, and job search skills training that teaches students how to write resumes, conduct job searches online and receive feedback on their applications.
A disability employment service is a community organization or government office that provides information, advice, and assistance in finding a job for people with disabilities. This may include help in finding an employer who wants to make adjustments for a person with a disability, help in applying for a job, help in landing a job, help in maintaining a job, and/or help in finding a new job. Some examples of disability employment services include the job council at your school, the Federal Office for Persons with Disabilities, and an employment agency.
Hope Disability Support partners with employers to create opportunities for people with disabilities to find jobs. We partner with employers to help people with disabilities find jobs in a variety of industries including government, non-profit, and for-profit. As part of our School Leaver Program, we identify and meet high school leavers with disabilities at career days, job fairs, and other events. We provide information about the program and match each student with an agency that can help them find a job. We provide each student with access to our services and expertise to help them find a job. Our services include career planning, job search skills training, and referral to help find a job.

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