What makes a support worker a good one

What makes a support worker a good one?

Many new NDIS disability support workers will enter the field, and people must choose to be supported by someone who matches their needs.

Support workers must not only be supportive and caring but also someone who can help you feel empowered and independent, and included in your community.

These are 5 ways to be a great support worker

  1. A support worker must be able and willing to take a step back to support the individual they are supporting.
    Sometimes, the support worker doesn’t realize they are the barrier to inclusion. Sometimes, the support worker may feel that they are not doing their job properly if they don’t allow the person to communicate with the community. That’s when the goal is achieved. Support workers must help a person achieve independence. This can include taking steps.
  2. Encourage others in your community to reach out to the person you are supporting directly.
    You can also direct others in the community to reach out to the person you are supporting, particularly if they have communication problems. This will help you to educate the community about equality and their rights.
  3. Alternative and augmentative methods of communication aids
    To promote independence for those with communication difficulties, use visual schedules and community request cards. Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre, (CIRC), holds open days at Box Hill. You can visit and view a variety of tools that might help you to help a person with communication difficulties. You can check the calendar for the next open day.
  4. Don’t assume that a person is capable of certain things
    Support workers should never assume that a person cannot do something or do something for them. It will be easier that way. You will discover that support work is an art and each person wants to be supported. Ask! This is the best way to find out if you are doing a good job or if someone would prefer you to do something else.
  5. You can think outside the box
    Your role as a support worker is to help them achieve their goals. This means that you will do what other people don’t think you can do, sometimes even yourself. You must think outside of the box. Keep an open mind. A positive can-do attitude goes a long way. You can support someone to ride in a hot-air balloon, join a club or order their food at a restaurant. All you need is your goal. Your role is to help them achieve their goals and to make them happen. It might not be possible to do it all at once. That’s okay. You can make it all part of an exciting adventure!

A disability support worker plays an important role in the local community. Your support can help someone achieve things they could never have imagined. This person can be empowered to make a positive impact on their lives and become more confident, independent, empowered, as well as included in society. What is this?

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